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The Great Neck Vigilant Engine and Hook & Ladder Co., Inc. (Vigilant Fire Company) provides fire protection to 1.3 square miles of the peninsula of Great Neck, and Emergency Medical Services to 8 square miles north of the Long Island Railroad.  We protect a resident population of nearly 30,000, which swells to approximately 60,000 during the daytime hours. 

Great Neck is the first municipality over the eastern border of New York City.  In the last 30 years, the Vigilant Fire Company has routinely worked side by side with the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) at brush fires which bordered the response areas of both departments.  On September 11, 2001, the Vigilant Fire Company was one of the numerous fire companies called on for mutual aid to FDNY. While we all hope that this was a one-time occurrence, FDNY and the Nassau County Fire Commission have formed plans for Nassau County Fire Companies to relocate to pre-assigned FDNY firehouse in the event of future responses. Recent events have proven that our guard must always be up, and we must remain vigilant at all times.

To properly protect the diverse life and property in our response area, the Vigilant Fire Company supplies the nearly 100 all-volunteer fire company members with the latest in firefighting and rescue equipment. In addition to the new fire vehicles, the fire company over the last years has purchased operational equipment such as Thermal Imaging Cameras; Hurst tools "Jaws of Life"; radios; air packs; and advance life support systems on the three ambulances.

Training of all members is provided at the firehouse regularly by the fire officers and at the Nassau County Fire Service Academy in Bethpage.


What Everyone Should Know:

If any resident is in need of assistance from the Great Neck Vigilant Fire Company, do not hesitate to call us at (516) 482-5000. This phone number will get you in direct contact with our dispatchers, who are on duty in the firehouse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Have the speed dial on your home or office phone programmed to this number in case of any fire or medical emergencies.


Alarm Companies:

Make sure that your alarm company knows to contact us directly at (516) 482-5000. When the incorrect agency is contacted by an alarm company your emergency call needs to be redirected to the proper one. Ensuring that you have the correct fire department listed with your alarm company will save precious minutes in an emergency situation.

Call your alarm company today and make sure that you have the Great Neck Vigilant Fire Company listed as your fire department and (516) 482-5000 as the contact number.


Help us help you!

Residents are reminded to keep clear the fire hydrants outside their home. This means shoveling snow in the winter and keeping shrubs clear in the summer. Hydrants should be clear of any obstructions for 3 feet in all directions. Precious minutes count when operating these hydrants. Your cooperation will help the fire department locate hydrants faster during an emergency situation.

In addition, please contact the Water Authority of Great Neck should you suspect any unauthorized use of our hydrants.